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NBA’s Jaylen Brown, Bernice King on MLK Day

Jaylen Brown, recognized last year as the NBA’s top playoff rookie, commemorates Dr. Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King on MLK Day.

Bernice King, Dr. King’s daughter, has encouraged Americans to also recognize the contributions of Coretta Scott King, Dr. King’s wife.

It’s an appropriate and needed reminder. Coretta Scott King was the founder of the King Center, and a co-architect of Dr. King’s legacy. Without her, it is likely there would be no Martin Luther King Day.

Dr. King’s dream? Coretta Scott King shared it, helped develop it, and carried it forward.

Boston Celtic Jaylen Brown named
“most interesting rookie of the playoffs”

Jaylen Brown LeBron James Freedman's Bank Dos Equis NBA Playoff Rookie AwardFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

JUNE 25, 2017

By a vote of fans, media, and former players, Jaylen Brown of the NBA’s Boston Celtics has been selected Freedman’s-Dos Equis “Most Interesting Rookie of the Playoffs.”

Brown led all playoff rookies in scoring (points per 36 minutes), and was among the top 3 in rebounding and effective field goal percentage. His defense, sometimes matching up against NBA stars like LeBron James and Jimmy Butler, also drew praise.

“I like that kid Jaylen Brown,” Stephen A. Smith commented during a recent broadcast of his show, “First Take,” on ESPN. “He’s gonna be special.”

Fans of other teams commenting on Reddit.com/r/NBA and their team pages had high praise for Brown as well, writing:

“I love [Spurs guard Dejounte] Murray but Jaylen Brown was on a whole another level,” one Spurs fan wrote.

“For the playoffs [it] is definitely Jaylen Brown, kid stepped up big time — I’d have Pat [Warriors guard Patrick McCaw] behind him in 2nd though,” a Warriors fan added.

Jaylen Brown vs. Raptors Freedman's Bank Dos Equis NBA Playoff Rookie AwardThe award was created in 2017 by the Freedman’s Foundation, in association with the 5/7 Club, Freedman’s Bank, Reddit.com, Strawpoll.com, and Heineken USA (owners of the Dos Equis trademark.)

Brown earned 47 percent of the votes in the final round, Thon Maker of the Milwaukee Bucks 32 percent, and Taurean Prince 20 percent in the final round. Patrick McCaw and Denounte Murray received less than 20 percent of the votes in early rounds and were not included in round 3.

Votes by fans (50 percent) and media and former players (50 percent) were weighted as a percentage in the 3-round balloting, which began with five nominees on April 25 and continued through the final votes on three finalists on June 10.

Approximately 50,000 fan votes were tabulated during the survey period.

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“The most interesting rookie in the playoffs” — nominees

Freedman's Bank Dos Equis NBA Playoff Rookie Award


April 24, 2017

Nominees for the Freedman’s-Dos Equis “Most Interesting Rookie in the (NBA) Playoffs” award” were announced today:

Thon Maker,
Milwaukee Bucks

Taurean Prince,
Atlanta Hawks

Jaylen Brown,
Boston Celtics

Dejounte Murray,
San Antonio Spurs

Patrick McCaw,
Golden State Warriors

(The Freedman’s Foundation is issuing the award in association with The 5/7 Club, Reddit.com, Freedman’s Bank, Strawpoll.com, and Dos Equis (a trademark and subsidiary of Heineken USA.)

Fan voting will begin soon at Reddit.com/r/nba, Strawpoll.com, Yahoo.com, and at other polling and social media sites.

Background on the award:


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