Bank Black USA

It’s been 49 years, and some months, since Martin Luther King encouraged blacks (and all Americans) to move more of their assets into black-owned and -operated community banks.

Sadly, Dr. King’s cri de couer has not yet been fully realized — and, indeed, over the last generation, has been reversed. As we’ve noted elsewhere, minority banks across the board continue a steep decline; there are now only 20 black-owned banks in the country.

top 4 black-owned banks in US - asset growth - Bank Black USANow, Bank Black USA proposes to do something about it. The organization has targeted an ambitious $500 million in increased assets for black banks by Martin Luther King Day, 2018.

As we’ve noted elsewhere, regulatory solutions seem to have failed both the minority banking and inter-related community banking sectors. Growth — and voluntary action like the program Bank Black USA is suggesting — may be the answer.

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