freedmans-bank-building-leftFreedman’s Foundation is a tax-exempt, 501-c-3 research institution, founded in Wisconsin but with a national and international focus.

We study economic opportunity and community development, with a special (but not exclusive) focus on economic history, credit and monetary developments, family economic mobility, and the Freedman’s Bank itself.

The collapse of the bank in the 19th Century dealt a devastating blow to the net worth, family stability, and confidence and hope of African Americans.

At the same time, the revived interest in Freedman’s later in the 20th Century — thanks to such various individuals as John Hope Bryant, Reggie White, Magic Johnson, Willie Davis, and others — has helped promote a Renaissance in black families re-connecting….

and set an example of self-help, initiative, and hope.

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  1. Serge Ibaka

    God bless Freedman’s and all you are doing. Have contacted email but just wanted to shout “hey” to you and the world.


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