Monthly Archives: July 2019

Here comes the sun:
New banks in DC, Georgia, Florida, Virginia…

   GEORGIA’s NEW TANDEM BANK received FDIC approval back in May.

   When it opens, it will join Virginia’s Trustar Bank (pictured nearby), American Bank & Trust in North Carolina and others as the first community banks to appear in their states in at least a decade.

Regulator attitudes seem to be shifting as well, as we’ve noted in “Paragdim change… at the FDIC?,” and “Fed’s Gaffney on regulatory reform.”

Indded, FDIC Chairman Jelena McWilliams elaborated on the importance of new banks in American Banker, “We can do better on de novos.”

Fed implementation of Crapo reforms — Atlanta weighs in

The Federal Reserve of Atlanta recently became the latest Fed branch to weigh in on the implementation of the Crapo Act, or “ERRCPA” —

joining the Minneapolis, San Francisco, New York, and Dallas Feds as well, in analyzing the work still to be done implementing bank regulatory reform and plowing ahead to build the intellectual framework for a more rational financial order.